Special Shipping Program From Chile To The 9th Annual NYIWC

The New York International Wine Competition (NYIWC) has created a special shipping program from Chile to the NYIWC. We understand how overwhelming and costly it may be to ship into the United States for a wine competition — that’s why we created a shipping program this year for Chilean Wine Producers.


-Minimum of 4 submissions. (Three bottle samples per submission)
-No limit to how many submissions from a winery/producer


-US $50 COLA Waiver Paperwork
-US $100 per case of 6 or 12 bottles


Email freight@nyiwinecompetitions.com to arrange shipment to our Chilean Warehouse.


March 15th

More Info:

The NYIWC is one of the most respected international wine competitions in the world. It is part of the International Beverage Competition Group (IBC) which hold international beer, wine and spirits competition in NY, Berlin, Melbourne and Hong Kong.

What separates the NYIWC from other competitions is that all of the judges are real trade buyers judging the wine by its category and actual price. The judges are importers, distributors, retail store buyers, sommeliers and restaurant owners.

Your wine does not have to be sold in the USA to be in the competition. Open to all commercially produced wine from around the world. On average 18% of the wines submitted are not sold in the USA and looking to get in front of real trade buyers.


Contact freight@nyiwinecompetition.com

Submit online or download submission form at www.nyiwinecompetition.com