Announcing Our Special Global Shipping Program

We’re excited to announce a special new freight program for wineries entering their wines in the New York International Wine Competition! This special program will allow producers an exclusive opportunity to take advantage of special freight prices from around the world to New York City.

We understand how expensive it can be to ship wines to our competition and have created this flat fee shipping program to help with your submission process. We hope to expand this program to other wine-producing regions in the coming years. Please also contact your wine associations so we can coordinate for next year!


1. Shipping: US $100 per case. Each case can hold a maximum of 4 submissions (12 bottles). Please note, the Shipping Cost does not include competition submission fees, please see our How to Enter Page for submission fee information. It is the same shipping cost per box whether you are shipping 1 submission (3 bottles) or 4 submissions (12 bottles). There is no limit to how many wines you may submit. You are not limited to only 4 submissions.

2. Paperwork/COLA Processing Fees: US $50

3. Wire Transfer Fee if not paying by credit card US $15. Example: If shipping 5 or 8 wine submissions the cost will be 2 Cases ($100 Each) + $50 COLA Paperwork Fee = $250, plus submission costs of $100 per submission.


1. Wineries must have prior approval from the competition before shipping wine to a warehouse. Any wines shipped to a warehouse without prior approval may be returned to the winery at the winery’s expense. Please contact to assist you with the paperwork for the special freight program.

2. Wineries are responsible for all export documentation, any applicable national export fees and shipping fees to the respective warehouse listed below. Inland shipping of submissions to the European warehouse must be FCA terms.

3. Send commercial invoice in advance at for the wines to be shipped to the competition. Make sure to indicate all bottles are “Samples” with Commercial Value of USD $1 each.

4. We will then send you an invoice to pay for the shipping and paperwork fees.

5. Deadlines to receive the wines are the following:

March 1st

March 1st

March 1st

Rest of Europe

March 29th

New Zealand
March 1st

March 29th

South Africa
March 1st

Please immediately contact to begin the shipping process!