Shipping Program from Prowein to the NYIWC for Wine Producers

We are excited to announce a new shipping program from Europe to our 13th Annual New York International Wine Competition. We understand how difficult and expensive it may be to ship entries to the United States, and we want our competition to be as accessible as possible.

-Our new shipping program starts at US $150 for the first case including the COLA Paperwork and no limit of entries after that

Email us in advance at to start the shipping process and customs paperwork

-We have not raised our entry fees in 13 years. Entry fees start at US $100 per entry

-Minimum is three entries of 2x Sample Bottles of 500/700/750/1L per entry

-There is no limit of how many you may entries you may enter to take advantage of the shipping program

-Samples are dropped off in a closed contained box at our booth at Prowein. Our Booth is Hall 9C02

-We are not able to guarantee extra empty boxes for you to ship your samples

-We will receive samples from the start of Prowein on Sunday to the close on Tuesday

-Please note that shipping paperwork fees are separate from the entry fees into our competition.

-We are able to generate one invoice for shipping and entries or separate invoices if you enter online at Enofileonline

-Email us at info@nyiwinecompetition to start the shipping process

-Interested in creating a custom program for your organization? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at to start the process.

Click here to download the details about this exciting new shipping program for your wine organization