Shipping Program From Europe to NYIWC for Producers

We are excited to announce a new shipping program from Europe to our 13th Annual New York International Wine Competition. We understand how difficult and expensive it may be to ship entries to the United States, and we want our competition to be as accessible as possible to small producers and new wineries. Our new shipping program starts at US $150 for the first case and then $100 per case after that. This includes shipping to the United States from our warehouse in France and the COLA paperwork that your products will need to clear customs in the US. Please note that shipping fees are separate from the entry fees into our competition.

Interested in creating a custom program for your country or region? We’d love to hear from you – please share this information with your regional marketing partners and feel free to reach out to us at to start the conversation.

Click here to download full details about our new shipping program for European Wine Producers