NYIWC 2020: Coronavirus Update

We anticipate we will still be able to hold the 11th Annual New York International Spirits Competition on the UPDATED DATE OF SEPTEMBER 25th. Please see new pricing and shipping deadlines below. In the event that the competition is delayed due to New York City health concerns, the judging will go VIRTUAL. Delay scenarios due to shipping issues, especially for submissions held up as they await customs clearance, have presented delays in past competitions, and every year we have prepared for these kinds of delays. Obviously a global pandemic presents a whole new set of challenges, but we are making necessary preparations to account for shipping delays and extra safety precautions for those working behind the scenes.

We understand that producers and their representatives may have temporarily closed their offices right now and are unable to ship. Please keep us updated about your shipment.

As has been the case for the previous 10 years of the New York International Spirits Competition, if the effort is made to submit entries on time, ALL PRODUCTS WILL BE EVALUATED UPON ARRIVAL.

Backup Solution for Virtual Competition:

-Our staff will be working in two person teams in our warehouse to prepare the samples for the judges.  This also allows each member of the team to continuously cross check each other

-Samples will be poured into individual 4 oz sample bottles.  Each sample bottle will be labeled with an individual numeric sku assigned to each submission. 

-Our staff will hand deliver the samples to the individual judges residences in the NY Metro Area

-Trade buyers will receive their panel sheets for their assigned panel.  Sheet will have the corresponding number, the category and retail price. 

-Trade buyers will then record their results in their assigned google document which replicate the information on the judge’s sheets.

-Results will be tabulated and awarded results based upon the panel results

-Results will be published the week of September 27th



Entry Deadline: Sept. 25th, 2020

Award Announcement Week: Sept 27th

April 1st -Aug. 30th: $100

Aug. 31st -Sept. 6th: $115

Sept. 7th – Sept. 25th: $130

Please feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

Adam Levy
Alcohol Professor

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