Vinho do Brasil? Wake up the Brazilian in you

Soccer season is around the corner, which definitely reminds Robin Goldsmith of Brazil, which was home to the most recent World Cup. She takes us through a journey of the long history of Brazilian winemaking over on our sister blog, The Alcohol Professor.

Brazilian winemaking has a long and sordid history taking off in the 16th Century, and pursued by Jesuit priests for religious purposes in the 17th Century.  The big turning point came at the start of the 19th century, when the Portuguese royal family lifted a previously enforced ban on winemaking and over the next 200 years it grew to become the fifth largest wine producer in the southern hemisphere!

With this in mind take your pick of the myriad variety of Brazilian wines for your next get together instead of just reaching for your usual first pick. Step outside of the box! For information on wine growing in Brazil and a comprehensive list of Brazilian wines take a lesson from The Alchohol Professor.