The Alcohol Professor Sweetens Things Up in England

There is no doubt that sweet wines have made a complete comeback. The younger crowd has embraced them and shaken off the perceptions that they are syrupy sweet 70’s no-no’s. Rieslings, Roses and Muscatos are making themselves right at home in the hippest wine bars.

Robin Goldsmith would like to clue you in to ‘Eiswein’ or Ice wine from the Midlands of England. Say what? Yes, a German wine, made from frozen grapes produced in the moderate climate of southern England. Eiswein is a rich dessert wine native to Germany and Austria typically made with Riesling, Vidal, Cabernet Franc and Gewürztraminer grapes.

Robin tells you everything you might want to know about this resurgent trend, from how they get the grapes to freeze in England’s moderate climate, to her recommendations for Eisweins to try!

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