Alcohol Professor Talks Turkey for Thanksgiving

William Schragis has got you covered for outside of the box wine pairings for your Thanksgiving feast this year. He suggests taking a break from the usual choices in favor of American wines. After all, Thanksgiving is an American holiday so why not look to our native terroir? William tells us all about some unique choices for your holiday celebration.

Thanksgiving fare can make for some tricky table pairings because of the disparate flavor profiles of the foods: subtle turkey, salty gravy, sweet and mellow yams, acidic tangy cranberry sauce and so forth. It is a great opportunity to have some fun with new wines or revisit some classics. William took this opportunity to support smaller wineries that have interesting takes on traditional grapes. One of the examples he covers on The Alcohols Professor is small plot Rhone Varietals from the west coast. Waters Winery in Columbia Valley Washington produces an excellent  Roussanne / Viognier Blend whose medium body and light perfume make it an elegant choice for your holiday table. He also explores Napa, Sonoma and the central coast, tasting esoteric Pinot Meunier, precise yet affordable Cabernets, biodynamic field blends, and other unconventional conversation starters.

May the wine lover in you raise a glass to a homegrown holiday season!